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The purpose of this lesson is twofold. Students will not only select and explore two different careers, but they will learn how to do something that will become a definite asset as they transition from high school through higher education and into the career mode. They will learn how to compose a business letter.

Students will access Choices Planner and acquaint themselves with two business careers. The careers they choose may be similar in nature (such as two financial-based careers) or they may be two careers from entirely different sectors. You may have other ideas on the types of careers that you would like your students to explore.

Students will record career facts on the worksheet that is provided with this lesson. Next, they will draw a comparison between the two careers. Finally, they will use the business letter as a tool to explain features of the careers and show the comparisons they have drawn. Students will be guided through the process of creating a business letter as they follow the Letter Guide also provided in this lesson.

This lesson can be used in any subject area.


Teacher Preparation

  1. Access Choices Planner to find and print a list of careers students might consider with a background in your subject area.

  2. Distribute the list to students or assign them two careers on which to concentrate.

  3. Encourage (or require) students to choose different careers, thereby utilizing all or most of the careers on the list -- possibly choosing one that appeals to them and another about which they know nothing.

Suggested Strategy

  1. Distribute the worksheets and information sheet.

  2. Have students access Choices Planner and locate the first career they have selected. They may either enter the name of that career in the Search box located at the top right of the screen or they may click on the Work tab and find the career using the alphabetical list option at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Ask students to go through all of the information tabs of the career profile, beginning with What They Do, and record the information outlined on their worksheets.

  4. Using the Student Information Sheet and Letter Guide, ask students to compose a letter on their computers.

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